WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Wife was exposing herself and behaving in ‘sexually overt’ way with co-defendants

Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim
Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim

THE wife of a Warsop man who was battered to death in his home was flirting and exposing herself to the three men who are also accused of his murder.

The jury at Nottingham Crown Court were shown extensive CCTV footage which tracked the movements of Charlotte Collinge, Stephen Shreeves, Kelvin Dale and Robert Proud the day Clifford Collinge was brutally murdered.

At about 1.15pm Charlotte Collinge (44), Clifford Collinge (61) and a woman called Jessica Dawkins are seen arriving at the Fairways pub, in Leemings Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse.

It is here the prosecution allege Charlotte Clifford tells Ms Dawkins she wants to kill her husband. The three leave together at about 2.30pm.

Charlotte Collinge is seen arriving at the Crate and Grapes pub, in High Street,Warsop, on her own at about 4pm. She leaves a short while after and returns at 5.45pm.

Proud (36) is already in the back room of the pub with Charlotte Collinge when Shreeves (40) and Dale (27) arrive just after 7pm.

Charlotte Collinge is seen lifting her skirt, showing her bottom, sitting on another man’s knee and behaving in a ‘sexually overt’ way.

At about 8.15pm the landlord of the Crate and Grapes ejects Charlotte Collinge from the premises.

She then enters the Talbot pub at 8.20pm and is joined shortly after by Shreeves, Dale and Proud.

The group go into the Co-op store at 8.45pm and purchase three bottles of wine and a case of lager. Cameras show Shreeves and Dale “fondling” Charlotte Collinge and indicating they intend to have sex with her.

Just before 9pm all four defendants are seen walking along Burns lane in the direction of Sandy Lane.

CCTV cameras see Shreeves, Dale and Proud walking away from Sandy Lane at about 9.45pm.

Mr Collinge was found dead at about 10pm. Charlotte Collinge was arrested at the scene shortly after.

The three male defendants enter the Hare and Hounds pub, in Church Street, at about 9.50pm.

The prosecution say the images show Shreeves pretending to hold something above his head and bringing it down. They also claim Dale is seen making a stamping movement with his feet and has blood on his shirt.

Shreeves, Dale and Proud are then seen entering the Church Warsop Sports and Social Club at 10.45pm. Dale is now wearing Proud’s jacket.

Proud leaves at 11.15pm, Shreeves and Dale are seen leaving at 12.15am.

Prosecutor Peter Joyce QC said: “There is no evidence that Shreeves, Dale and Proud knew the deceased before that night so could not have had a motive to kill him, only the motive of Charlotte Collinge.

“A plan to kill can arise as the result of a careful plan, or one more hurriedly arrived at as this was on that night.

“She wanted the deceased dead, she took the others back and he was killed.

“Four people went back to that house and the husband of one of them was killed. They knew what she wanted before they went and they went and did it - they were all in it together.”

All four defendants deny murder.

The trial continues.