WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Wife set up a ‘honey trap’ with a promise of sex which resulted in violence, court told

Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim
Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim
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A MAN charged with murdering a Warsop dad was lured into a ‘honey trap’ by the victim’s wife who was a ‘manipulative tease’, a court was told today.

Charlotte Collinge (45) is alleged to have taken three men back to her house in Sandy Lane and kill her husband on 8th October last year.

Mr Collinge (61) was found dead with 46 separate injuries caused by a metal clamp, a guitar, stamping and attempted strangulation.

Stephen Shreeves and Kelvin Dale say they went back to the house for sex but ended up fighting with Mr Collinge. They deny causing the injuries which killed him.

Trevor Burke QC, defending Shreeves, made his closing speech to the jury at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday.

He said Charlotte Collinge was desperate to kill her husband in order to benefit from his £1m estate.

Mr Burke said: “She would receive a fraction on his wealth if they divorced but practically all of it if he was dead. That is motive.

“Compare that with the motive of Stephen Shreeves. He’d never met Clifford Collinge in his life.

“By pure chance he stumbles on the floor show given in the bar by Charlotte Collinge - an attention seeking, manipulative tease.

“She knows the power of sex, mixed with alcohol. She’s confident someone would fall into the trap.

“Stephen Shreeves walked straight into this honey trap. It’s not often you get a floor show like this - he thought all his Sundays had come at once.

“The suggestion is that this hard-working man was seduced by this this temptress to commit murder?

“As gorgeous as she thinks she is, it’s not a motivation for murder is it?”

Mr Burke said the weapons which caused Mr Collinge’s injuries were already at the house. He explained how Mr Collinge had kept a metal clamp in his sitting room in case he was ever attacked.

“Any problems in his house, he’s armed and ready,” Mr Burke said.

“And if it is true that Mr Collinge was the aggressor before the violence, it’s an entirely different case.

“There can be no doubt that Stephen Shreeves and Kelvin Dale became ensnared in Charlotte Collinge’s toxic life. It’s her spider web they got caught up in.

“These two idiots, drunk and horny, go back to that house with absolutely no idea what’s waiting for them. She never informed them her husband would be sitting in the living room.

“When they left, Mr Collinge was alive. They checked he was alive and left.”

Mr Burke told the jury he believed much of the prosecution’s case rests on the evidence of Stan Boardman who was also in the house with Mr Collinge and allegedly assaulted by Shreeves, Dale and Robert Proud.

Mr Burke said Mr Boardman’s evidence should not be trusted.

He said: “He is a hopeless fall-down drunk who, tragically, can’t control his own demons. His average day is a fumble in a haze of booze, paranoia and hallucinations.

“If you called BBC casting and asked for a hopeless, drunk witness - they would send Stan Boardman on a bus.”

Mr Burke also highlighted Charlotte Collinge’s actions when her husband was dying in a pool of blood.

“It’s bad enough that she did nothing when Mr Collinge was still alive,” he said.

“When she knows he is dead she doesn’t even call an ambulance to take his corpse away. How heartless can you get?

“He plan is to retrieve her cannabis and her lap dog and slip away from the house.”

Charlotte Collinge; Shreeves (40), of Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop; Dale (27), of Forest Road, Warsop and Proud (36), of Greendale Close, Warsop, all deny murder.

The three men also deny causing actual bodily harm to Mr Boardman.

The trial continues.