WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Wife accused of ‘finishing off’ husband as he lay helpless on the floor

Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim
Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim

A WOMAN who allegedly plotted to kill her husband has been accused of going back to ‘finish him off’ after he had been beaten up.

Charlotte Collinge (45) denies playing any part in the death of her 61-year-old husband Clifford who was found dead at their home in Sandy Lane, Warsop, on 8th October last year.

Mr Collinge was found in a pool of bllod with 46 injuries caused by a metal clamp, a guitar and stamping.

It is alleged Charlotte Collinge took three men back to the house to murder her husband so she could get her hands on his £1m estate.

Stephen Shreeves, Kelvin Dale and Robert Proud all went back to the large detached house following a night out in Warsop.

Shreeves and Dale admitted fighting with Mr Collinge as Proud and Charlotte Collinge left to buy cocaine. They deny causing the injuries which killed him.

Charlotte Collinge said she retuned to the house alone at about 9.30pm to find her husband in a pool of blood on the floor. She didn’t phone 999.

Charlotte Collinge, giving evidence at Nottingham Crown Court, said she could see her husband had been badly beaten up but said she had no idea of the extent of his injuries.

She said: “I had no reason to believe he was going to die.

“I didn’t know the extent of the injuries he had received. I didn’t know they had broken all his ribs and put a hole in his brain.”

Charlotte Collinge phoned her boyfriend Jamie Belshaw (21) at 9.41pm who she met nearby and he went with her back to the house.

Trevor Burke QC, defending Shreeves, said: “You went back to finish him off. You stood over the defenceless body of your husband.

“That’s why you didn’t call 999 that’s why you were hoping to leave the premises and go to Jamie Belshaw’s house.

“He was worth a lot more to you dead than alive.”

Charlotte Collinge said: “I don’t think so. He was the father to our child who loved him dearly, I loved him dearly and would never harm him in anyway.

“I feel extremely guilty for bringing those people back to my house.

“I can assure you that I did not kill my husband.”

Charlotte Collinge; Stephen Shreeves (40), of Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop; Kelvin Dale (27), of Forest Road, Warsop and Robert Proud (36), of Greendale Close, Warsop, all deny murder.

The trial continues.