WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Man allegedly assaulted at the scene didn’t see Warsop dad being murdered

A MAN who was allegedly assaulted at the same time a Warsop dad was murdered said he didn’t see the brutal attack on his friend.

Stephen ‘Stan’ Boardman was with Clifford Collinge at Sandy Lane on the night of 8th October.

Mr Collinge (61) was found in a pool of blood with 46 separate injuries caused by weapons and stamping just after 10pm.

It is alleged Mr Collinge’s wife Charlotte brought three men with her back to the property to kill her husband. The prosecution claim Mr Boardman simply ‘got in the way’.

Nottingham Crown Court was told how Mr Boardman was a former sexual partner of Charlotte Collinge but was still good friends with Mr Collinge.

On the day of the murder he went to buy a three litre bottle of cider before visiting Mr Clifford at about 7pm.

Mr Boardman said Charlotte Collinge and three men arrived at the house about an hour and a half later and went straight upstairs.

He told the jury he went upstairs into Charlotte Collinge’s bedroom to use the en-suite toilet and saw all four defendants sat on her bed.

A short while later Mr Boardman said the three men came downstairs and one of them struck him on the back of the head.

He said: “I just remember being hit on the back of the head. I’m not sure who by.

“Three men burst in and Cliff was attacked.

“I saw a struggle between Cliff and one of the men. Cliff was stood up near the door.

“I fell to the floor and covered myself up to stop people attacking me.

“All I can recall is being on the floor covering myself up. It all happened so quick.”

Mr Boardman told the court he woke up when a dog started licking his face. He left the property straight away and didn’t recall seeing Mr Collinge.

He went straight to his parent’s house in Meden Avenue and called 999.

The jury were played a recording of the phone call which was made at 10.06pm. Mr Collinge was found dead by police at about the same time.

Mr Boardman told the operator: “I’ve been assaulted, I’ve been beat up. Me and a friend have both been assaulted.”

He said he didn’t know the men who came to the house with Charlotte Collinge but said things had ‘kicked off’.

Mr Boardman was arrested by police on suspicion of murder but was later ruled out as a suspect.

The court was told how Mr Boardman was an alcoholic and had recently been suffering from hallucinations about being attacked by a group of men.

When in police custody he had attempted to dig money out of the bottom of the police cell with an imaginary spoon.

Charlotte Collinge; Stephen Shreeves (40), of Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop; Kelvin Dale (27),of Forest Road, Warsop and Robert Proud (36), of Greendale Close, Warsop, all deny murder.

The three men also deny causing Mr Boardman actual bodily harm.

The trial continues.