WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Jury hears from friend who was with Cliff Collinge on night of his death

.Police on Sandy Lane Warsop
.Police on Sandy Lane Warsop

A MAN who was allegedly assaulted on the night that Warsop dad Clifford Collinge was brutally murdered in his home has continued to give evidence to the jury at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday.

Stephen ‘Stan’ Boardman had been with Mr Collinge (61) at his Sandy Lane home on the night of 8th October last year and had drank around two litres of white cider during the evening.

Mr Collinge was found in a pool of blood with 46 separate injuries caused by weapons and stamping just after 10pm.

It is alleged Mr Collinge’s wife Charlotte (44) brought three men with her back to the property to kill her husband. The prosecution claim Mr Boardman simply ‘got in the way’.

But Mr Boardman told the jury that he had been sat on the end of the living room settee when a man had approached him from behind and struck him in the back of the head.

“A man walked through the kitchen and through the dining area and whacked me on the back of the head, someone hit me on the back as well, I can’t say who it was,” he said.

Mr Boardman told the court he woke up when his dog Milo started licking his face. He left the property straight away and didn’t recall seeing Mr Collinge.

“I panicked (during the incident), I just grabbed my bag and left, I was covered in blood and just wanted to get home, I even asked about him (Clifford Collinge) when I was in hospital but they wouldn’t tell me,” he added.

Before the attack, Mr Boardman said he had seen three men in Charlotte Collinge’s bedroom when he had gone upstairs to use the en-suite toilet.

“They were laughing and joking and talking to each other,” he added.

He also said the bedroom smelt of cannabis but when asked by the defence, he said he had not spoken to them or felt worried.

Mr Boardman, who is an alcoholic and drank to numb the pain of his psoriasis, said he would visit Mr Collinge’s house about twice a week and had been going there for around six or seven years.

He also said that Mr Collinge would encourage his wife to dress up in front of them both and Mr Collinge would then take pictures of Mr Boardman and Charlotte Collinge performing sexual acts on each other.

It was also revealed that Mr Collinge had a file named ‘Mr friend Stan’ on his computer, which contained pictures of sexual acts between Mr Boardman and his wife in their kitchen.

Charlotte Collinge; Stephen Shreeves (40), of Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop; Kelvin Dale (27),of Forest Road, Warsop and Robert Proud (36), of Greendale Close, Warsop, all deny murder.

The three men also deny causing Mr Boardman actual bodily harm.

The trial continues.