WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Judge tells jury to put feelings of ‘disapproval’ about sex and drugs to one side

Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim
Cliff Collinge Warsop murder victim

THE jury tasked with deciding the fate of four people charged with murdering a Warsop dad have been told to put any feelings of disapproval about drugs and sexual behaviour to one side.

After more than five weeks of evidence in the trial into the brutal killing of Clifford Collinge a judge has begun his final address to the jury.

Mr Collinge (61) was found dead with 46 separate injuries at his home in Sandy Lane on 8th October last year.

His wife Charlotte Collinge (45) is alleged to have taken three men back to the house to kill him.

Stephen Shreeves and Kelvin Dale admit assaulting Mr Collinge following a fight but deny causing the injuries that killed him.

Robert Proud also went to the house but left with Charlotte Collinge to buy cocaine at the time Shreeves and Dale say the violence took place.

Shreeves and Dale say they went back to the house for sex after Charlotte Collinge flirted with them in the Crates and Grapes wine bar.

Mr Justice Treacy told the jury not to make a judgement based on a disapproval of the defendants’ behaviour on the night of the murder.

Judge Treacy said: “Don’t take the counsels’ speeches as evidence. Everyone can’t be right as they are raising opposing arguments.

“It is not part of my job give you guidance towards finding your verdicts.

“Do not guess or speculate about theories when there is no evidence to support them.

“Stay calm, be fair and reach verdicts with cool reflection and analysis of the evidence.

“Emotions and sympathy towards Clifford Collinge have no part to play.

“You may raise an eyebrow at the defendants’ behaviour but don’t use any feelings of disapproval about that sort of behaviour – put that to one side.

“The prosecution often use motive in order to prove guilt.

“They say Charlotte Collinge had a financial motive.

“The prosecution don’t suggest that the other three had any such motive but invite you to say they were spurred on Charlotte Collinge to commit the crime.”

Judge Treacy told the jury to reach verdicts on each defendant separately.

He added: “For example, if you do conclude that the evidence is sufficient to convict Robert Proud, you still have to consider the evidence in relation to the other defendants.

“If you decide Charlotte Collinge was not involved in the violence and had not put anybody up to inflicting violence on her husband you still have to consider if Shreeves, Dale and Proud are guilty of the charges.”

The jury were also invited to consider a charge of manslaughter for each defendant if it is decided they are not guilty of murder.

Judge Treacy will continue his summing up on Tuesday morning.

Charlotte Collinge; Shreeves (40), of Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop; Dale (27), of Forest Road, Warsop and Proud (36), of Greendale Close, Warsop, all deny murder.

The trial continues.