WARSOP MURDER TRIAL: Defendant admits striking Clifford Collinge with a broken guitar

ONE of the men accused of killing Warsop dad Clifford Collinge at his home told police he was just trying to leave after being accused of kicking a dog.

Kelvin Dale (27) said he picked up a piece of broken guitar and hit 61-year-old Mr Collinge with it, Nottingham Crown Court was told today (Thursday).

Dale told police Mr Collinge and a younger man Stephen ‘Stan’ Boardman had been blocking his exit in an aggressive manner.

Mr Boardman had been holding a knife, then a guitar and Mr Collinge had reached for a sword.

Dale said when he walked out of the house with co-accused Stephen Shreeves (40), Mr Collinge and Mr Boardman were lying on the living room floor.

Dale, of Forest Road, Warsop; Shreeves, of Laurel Avenue, Church Warsop; Robert Proud (36), of Greendale Close, Warsop, and the dead man’s wife Charlotte Collinge (44), of Sandy Lane, Warsop, all deny murder.

Det Con Stephen Barnes today continued his evidence of interviews with Dale last October.

Dale said a drunken Charlotte Collinge, blonde and wearing a short skirt, had been flirty with men in the Crates and Grapes wine bar.

She invited him and Shreeves back to the house for drinks.

Asked if it was intended to have sex with her, Dale said possibly.

The last thing they expected was to see her husband and another man at the house but they went up to her bedroom.

They drank cans of beer and she said she wanted ‘some drugs, some coke’ and went off with a third man.

Mr Boardman then came up with a knife in his hand.

Dale told the police ‘I was uncomfortable in the house. I thought something is not right here’. Shreeves told him they had to get out.

They went downstairs and were crossing the living room when Mr Boardman suggested Dale had kicked a dog, which he denied.

Dale said he panicked as Mr Collinge and Mr Boardman, who had weapons, came towards him.

Dale said he believed Shreeves punched Mr Collinge who fell back with a thud.

Dale said he punched both men and hit Mr Collinge with the neck of a broken guitar.

Afterwards he and Shreeves went to the nearby Hare and Hounds to clean themselves up. His finger was bleeding and Shreeves was given a bandage for his arm.

The trial continues.