Warsop miner in suprise Vogue shoot

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Thoresby Colliery is not the most likely place to be featured in a top magazine photo-shoot but this is exactly what happened.

When Vogue approached the owners of Edwinstowe’s colliery to request using the site as a backdrop for a shoot they were happy to assist.

And one lucky miner found himself in the frame when he was approached by a producer to feature alongside the models.

Mechanical fitter, Josh Blake (23) of Church Warsop, was asked to attend a shoot so the photographers could style their models like miners.

But he was shocked when the photographer asked him to be in the photographs.

“It was all a bit surreal,” said Josh.

“I met two professional models who had travelled up from London and they asked me to come back the following day for another shoot.

“I am not really that interested in it but I am very thankful for the experience and they made it quite easy for me.

“They just asked me to stand there and kind of guided me through it.”

Josh was featured in two A4 pictures in last month’s Vogue - one in which he is stood plain-clothed outside a pub in Bawtry, near Doncaster, with two models and another in his pit clothes.

In the second shoot, Josh featured alongside American actor Max Minghella, from the hit film Social Network - the story of the Facebook creator.

Said Josh: “I was just expecting two small pictures so when I saw two full page photos, it was quite good.

“My family were really impressed with me and now I have a funny story where I can tell people I have been in Vogue.”