Warsop biker delivers travel memoirs

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FORMER Warsop biker Nathan Millward will be riding back into his hometown this weekend with copies of his recently published travel memoirs.

Thirty-two-year-old Nathan travelled an astonishing 20,000 miles from Sydney to London on his trusty former postman’s Honda motorbike named ‘Dorothy’ in 2009 and has now self-published the story of his madcap journey.

During the trip, Nathan ventured through 18 countries, was hit by a bus in Indonesia, transported in Malaysian vegetable boats and almost froze to death climbing the 5,300-metre roads over the Himalayas.

The final push took Nathan through Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Europe to the Dover finish line at speeds never more than 45mph.

His book, Going Postal, was originally published by HarperCollins in Australia last year and has already sold more than 4,000 copies.

But unable to find a UK book deal, Nathan has decided to self-publish his incredible story which he renamed The Long Ride ‘Home’.

“It’s quite a frustrating experience trying to deal with publishers and I didn’t want to lose ownership of my work which is very personal to me, I just decided to write it for myself and hope other people like it,” said Nathan.

“Overall I’m happy with it. I think it tells an honest account of those months, the ups and downs, the realities of the road and everything I learned from it.”

The journey begins with Nathan having to leave a girl he met in Sydney behind with immigration officials ordering him out of the country within 21 days.

“The story was never really about biking but more of a personal message from me to her, it was about leaving and wondering if I’d made the right decision,” he said.

The journey, which involved endless bike services, close shaves with customs officials and visa problems, took Nathan and ‘Dot’ up through Asia and across the Himalayas into Europe over eight months.

His shoestring budget was given a boost when he checked his email after a trip to The Taj Mahal and found the Australian publishers were willing to give him an advance for writing up his trip when he got back home.

“It was an amazing moment really, it’s what some people dream of, I’d had a lot of interest in the website and thought that one day it would be nice to write a book,” he added.

Having already ridden ‘Dot’ halfway around the world, Nathan is busy promoting his memoirs around the country but is not ruling out another motorbike adventure across North America in the future.

Nathan will also be appearing with his bike and signed copies of his book at Two Wheel Centre motorcycle store on Priory Square in Mansfield on Saturday, from noon-2pm.

“I’ll be bringing the bike along and would love to meet people who are interested in hearing about the trip and would like to read the book,” he said.

As well as writing the travel memoir, Nathan also edited, formatted, proof read and designed the cover and layout.

The Long Ride ‘Home’ can be bought for £11.99, including signature, postage and packing by clicking here and it is also available in Kindle version on {http://www.amazon.com |Amazon|Kindle version} at for £2.99 by searching for The Long Ride ‘Home’.