Warnings over rise in thefts from cars in Mansfield

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WARNINGS are being issued by police about leaving valuables in cars following a recent rise in reported incidents.

The Chad recently joined Sgt Jamie Bower of Nottinghamshire Police on a patrol through Mansfield’s town car parks at Toothill Lane and Wilkinsons where numerous cars had sat nav systems left on display, sat nav cradles, Ipods, mobile phones, CDs, shopping and even money left in the middle compartment.

Others had left clear sat nav cradle suction-pad markings on the window, a sign that police say thieves will look for.

Sgt Bower said: “People advertise that they have the equipment in there by leaving wires on show or marks on the window.

“The people who commit these offences are into low level crime so they will break in if they think there is something there. Even if they see a bag, it might have nothing in it, but they will wonder what’s in it.

“They will get in any way they can, they will put a brick through the window or bend the window frame back.”