Warning over doorstep cons in Bolsover

POLICE are reminding residents in North Derbyshire and Bolsover to make sure they check the identity of doorstep callers.

The advice comes following reports of people calling at homes wanting and offering to sell goods, with the latest incident taking place earlier this month in Killamarsh.

Community safety inspector Russ Dakin said: “We really want to remind residents of the importance of checking for identity when people come to the door.

“While nothing happened in this incident, there have been times where residents have sadly become the victim of a burglary while being distracted by someone on the door step.

“Our advice to residents is that if you are not sure who is calling, then don’t open the door. Always check the identity of callers or ask a trusted friend or neighbour to come over and check them out.”

Insp Dakin added: “In order to legitimately sell goods door to door people must carry a pedlar’s certificate, an official document issued by police, and we would advise residents to always ask to see this before buying.

“Genuine callers will understand and be prepared to wait while you make the necessary checks.

“If you have any doubts or if they are persistent, then contact the police, who will be able to verify their identity.”

A pedlar’s certificate should be issued by the police, are valid for a year and should include a description of the holder on the certificate.