Warning issued after dirty needle is found in village play park

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Parents are being warned to keep their children safe after a dirty syringe was found at a village play park.

The discarded needle was discovered by a council worker at the park on Edwinstowe’s Fourth Avenue during a routine clear-up.

Found under a picnic bench, it had the cap attached so the needle was not exposed.

It was correctly disposed of immediately before the police were informed, as were the local schools.”

Celia Brooks, of Edwinstowe Parish Council, said: “We were shocked, this is the first time I have come across this in my six years as a parish councillor and we trust it will be a one-off incident.

“However, it is appreciated that we need to ensure that our children are safe at all times.

“Our workers visit our play parks daily to empty bins and check equipment and will continue to do so. We shall also review our own procedures as regards our workforce to make sure that their safety is not compromised.

“The person responsible for leaving a syringe in such a vulnerable place needs to consider carefully what the consequences of their actions might be.

“Again, I hope this is an isolated incident but ask the general public to be watchful and let the parish council know immediately if they see anything suspicious.”

Often used by drug users, used syringes can potentially transfer any blood-borne diseases present, including AIDS or hepatitis, if a person’s skin is pricked by the needle.