Warning for blue badge holders parking in Mansfield

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BLUE badge holders are being warned about parking in pedestrian areas of Mansfield which are for special access permit holders only.

Barbara Mallatratt was given a £70 ticket after using her wheelchair-bound husband’s blue badge to park near Primark and WH Smiths.

The 70-year-old, of Coggins Lane, Old Church Warsop, thought blue badge holders were permitted to park there as the signs say ‘permit holders only’.

However, Nottinghamshire County Council has pointed out the bays in the very centre of town are only for special access permit holders.

These are green badges which people with very severe disabilities can apply for.

Normal blue disabled badges are not valid in these areas.

Barbara thinks the signage needs to be more clear to prevent other blue badge holders from getting tickets.

She said: “My husband is in a wheelchair so we need to park as close to the town centre as possible.

“I have parked there many times before and never got a ticket.

“I object to paying the fine because I don’t think the signs are clear enough.

“It should say something like ‘green badge holders only’ to make it a bit clearer.”

Barbara appealed the ticket but was unsuccessful and has had to pay £35.

She added: “It has really put me off from driving into Mansfield.”

A spokesman from Nottinghamshire County Council said Barbara’s husband, can apply for a special access permit.

Holders of a special access permit can park in the pedestrian area for a maximum of three hours.

For more information about the scheme visit www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/travelling/parking/special-access-permits.

Or to apply for a permit in writing, send a letter to Central Processing Unit, PO Box 10282, Notts, NG17 0DX.