War memorial sex assault allegations - evidence did not add up

Nottinghamshire police say no charges are to be brought after allegations of a sexual assault in Mansfield did not ‘add up’.

A cordon was placed around a Mansfield war memorial with a police guard following allegations of a sexual assault.

Police say they are taking no further action after investigating the incident, which was alleged to have taken place at Ladybrook Lane between 3-5pm on Saturday.

A police spokesman said:”We had a call from a woman who said she had been sexually assaulted.

“To preserve any evidence we cordoned off the area where it was alleged to have happened.

“We looked at CCTV evidence and the circumstances did not add up.

“We don’t believe anything happened and so we closed the incident down.”

The police say they are not intending to proceed with any charges around fake allegations, describing the complainant as a ‘vulnerable person’.