Walker feared for life after being attacked by a dog in Mansfield

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Police have said they cannot investigate after a woman and her pet dog were visciously attacked in Mansfield.

Fay Bates (68) was out walking her Terrier Cross, Scruffy, when a Stafforshire Bull Terrier broke lose from a nearby bungalow and attacked them.

Mrs Bates was walking on the Bellamy Road estate when she heard the dog smash through a fence and come running at her.

Before she could react to the attack on 29th June the Bull Terrier had grabbed Scruffy by the back legs and was biting chunks off.

Mrs Bates said: “When I went to pick Scruffy up, the dog went for me and got my hand, it held on for a few minutes before the owners came running out.

“I don’t blame the dog I blame the owners, it is dangerous and now I am fearful whenever I see a big dog out walking.”

Scruffy was taken to the vets and Mrs Bates also needed hospital treatment and a course of antibiotics.

The police said they could not investigate because it was a dog on dog attack and it did not attack Mrs Bates first.