Vows to end muddy misery in huthwaite

Action is being taken to deal with mud complaints in Huthwaite after a '˜successful meeting' between councillors and developers.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 2:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 3:41 pm
Trucks line up on their way through Huthwaite

A closed meeting between councillors, developers and golf course managers is said to have resolved a number of action points around the Brierley Forest Golf Club, which has been the subject of numerous complaints around muddy streets.

Developers Leedale have now also committed to a deadline for the golf course project to end, according Nottinghamshire County Councillor for Ashfield Tom Hollis.

He said: “We’ve been able to pin down Leedale to a completion date for the work, which is July. The last few months will be done on-site so lorry loads will be completed sooner.”

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Faced with complaints from parents over lorries driving to the site during school-runs, the developers have also agreed to reduce lorry numbers at these times.

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Club owner Andrew Fantom said after the January 27 meeting: “The club is keen to work as sensitively as possible with its local neighbours and is distressed that mud on the roads from the earth works has caused any upset. They have introduced several measures to solve these issues and are exploring other solutions too.

Christian Stone, Director of Leedales, gave assurances that every effort would be made to maintain the current improved standards of cleaning on site.

Development works remain ongoing with an anticipated Completion in Summer 2017.

Mr Fantom added: "It is in everyone's interest for the facility to the completed and open to the public as quickly as possible. We aim to be a community hub and excellent facility for residents of Sutton and Huthwaite."

"Of course, we are sorry for any distress that has been caused to local residents by the work that has been taking place but we are working hard on solutions and have made many improvements already. It is not in our interests to upset local people, we want to work with them and hope that we can now move forward positively with the local community".

Dave Walker of Via East Midlands, which manages the county’s highways, said: “We have spoken with both Brierley Forest Golf and the earth moving contractor to ensure that they take all reasonable precautions to keep the carriageway as clean as possible.

“With a large number of vehicles visiting the site each day, we agreed a jet wash machine should be permanently on-site and a road sweeper that follows each lorry out of the club to minimise the amount of mud on the carriageway. Our team have been making regular inspections to ensure this is done to a satisfactory standard.”

A spokesman at Ashfield Disrict Council said: "The Council has received a number of complaints around the impact of the activities associated with the development being carried out at Brierley Golf Course, and is working to try to improve the situation by understanding the issues from the local residents’ perspective.

"Whilst the council will continue to work with Brierley Golf Course, we will consider all available options to bring about an appropriate resolution."

Huthwaite representative, Coun Lee Anderson, who has campaigned against the site, said: "We have CPO's coming up Main Street this week knocking on doors and taking statements about the state of the road. I have been assured by ADC that this is now being taken extremely seriously and that it has their full attention."