Volunteers are vital

Workers preparing food parcels at a foodbank.
Workers preparing food parcels at a foodbank.

Wherever they choose to apply their various skills and experience, without the continuous efforts of volunteers many of our institutions would grind to a halt.

From hospices to food banks and all places in between the fact that people are willing and able to give their valuable time freely, without expectation of financial recompense, is extremely gratifying. Particularly in an increasingly materialistic society that tends to propagate a philosophy of ‘what’s in it for me?’

Of course, adequate and qualified professional expertise in all sorts of jobs is and will continue to be absolutely necessary for organisations to continue functioning successfully. Therefore it’s working with and in support of paid personnel, not instead of them, that voluntary work can achieve the most beneficial and positive community outcomes.

In a world seemingly obsessed with and addicted to celebrity status, perhaps the true celebrities are those who, voluntarily, work for and on behalf of their fellow human beings.

Dave Shooter