Vision Studio School staff in a "state of shock" at closure plans

Vision Studio School
Vision Studio School

Vision Studio School staff have spoken of their shock after finding out the school could be set close.

One said: "Staff at the school have not been consulted, neither had the student or parents, we were in a state of shock.

"We found out about the closure at the same time as the children."

Struggling Vision Studio School now faces closure after a damning Ofsted inspection led to ‘a significant number of prospective students’ withdrawing applications.

A comment issued by the trust which runs the school, in Chesterfield Road South, said it was no longer financially viable to keep Vision – which was already struggling with reduced pupil numbers – open.

Letters have been sent to all families involved, and youngsters who were about to begin Year 10 have been told they’ll have to remain at their old schools. Meanwhile, current and prospective students from Years 11 to 13 have been offered a place on the same course at West Nottinghamshire College – with those transferring receiving a comprehensive support package to ensure their successful transition, the statement says.

Another staff member said: "The news has given everyone a few days to make an decision about their future before the school breaks up for summer.

"The students came here for a reason, previous settings at secondary schools did not work.

"They are being forced to go back into a system that does not work.

"We all know the students by name. We provide a personalised level of learning.

"They don't have a choice, they are being told they're to be sent somewhere new without asking them.

"The students have not being given a voice, it is a lack of consideration for their lives and futures.

"We have had students on the phone in tears saying they don't want to leave and that they wont cope going back into the environment they wanted to leave in the first place."

A spokesperson for the school said: "We absolutely refute that staff were not informed before pupils.

"We informed staff on the Friday, which was the earliest opportunity. We are still waiting for a decision."

The spokesperson said a meeting will be held with students to listen to their concerns.

"We understand that they will have concerns and we want to allay those fears."