Villagers’ road appeal

HOUSEHOLDERS living in Teversal Village are urging council chiefs to take immediate action on the ‘appalling’ state of Buttery Lane.

They say that the narrow country lane, which links the village to Skegby, is blighted by potholes and has an uneven surface. The edges of the narrow road have also been severely eroded.

Resident Richard Goad said: “It’s absolutely appalling.

If you were to meet another vehicle and you came off the road, it’s so rugged at the sides that you would damage the vehicle. At the bottom it floods terribly.

“It’s getting worse all the time.”

Yesterday a spokesman from Nottinghamshire County Council said that the stretch of road would be inspected ‘as soon as possible’ and remedial action would be taken if it was deemed dangerous.

He said: “Buttery Lane is a very old single track lane.

“Vehicles have to pass each other by leaving the carriageway and driving on the verge.

“This action, together with the area being very wet, constantly damages the edges of the carriageway.

“We’re not aware of any specific problems but are sending an inspector to look at the site as soon as possible.

“Work orders will be issued for any dangerous defects such as potholes.”