Village councillor steps down after neighbour’s mail theft

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A councillor who was caught on video camera stealing her neighbour’s mail has finally quit her role.

Joy Harbotttle, of Archway Road, Kings Clipstone, was spoken to by police after she was spotted lifting a letter out the external letter box minutes after it was delivered by the postman.

She then put it under her top and walked away.

Her gobsmacked neighbour then contacted the police, but did not press charges because he said his family has to continue living next door to Mrs Harbottle.

He video-recorded the theft after saying letters had been going missing in the weeks leading up to the recording.

Mrs Harbottle has given no explanation for the thefts, although the victim said they had never been ‘neighbourly’.

It was revealed that she simply dumped the letters in a recycle bin, and is yet to apologise to her neighbour.

Calls then mounted for her to either quit or be kicked off the council.

Alarmingly, her role involved her being an active member of the safer community group, liaising with police officers and helping to fight local crime.

When quizzed by the Chad on whether she would step down, she said she was ‘considering the future’.

However, she has now resigned from the council, which has been confirmed on the Kings Clipstone Village Council website.

Kings Clipstone Village Forum, a group which meets to discuss local issues, has welcomed the move.

In a statement, it said: “We are pleased that Joy Harbottle did the right thing and finally resigned from the parish council.

“We now need to move on and do what is necessary to ensure the parish council, which operates in the interest of the village, is above reproach.”

Mrs Harbottle is the second councillor to quit in recent weeks, while the clerk has also stepped down.