VIDEO: Would you drink RAW milk? Sales of milk “straight from the cow” skyrocketing at Welbeck Dairy

Would you drink milk straight from the cow?

Hundreds of litres of “raw milk” are​ now being sold at the Welbeck Dairy – and staff say demand from customers has “far exceeded” their expectations since sales began in December.

raw milk

raw milk

Raw milk, so-called because it has not been pasteurized, is apparently richer, creamier and easier to digest.

It is also used to make the area’s award-winning Stichelton cheese.

Dairy farmer Graham Walker says it is not only safe but comes with “countless” health benefits.

He said: “Raw milk has many vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats – all in an absorbable and natural form.

“It goes through several hygiene tests to make sure it’s absolutely 100 per cent safe to drink. You’ll find it’s also much tastier than any milk you’d find in a supermarket.”

The raw milk, which is sold in a vending machine at the Welbeck Farm Shop, is being produced by a small herd of pedigree Holstein cows which are housed in a large, purpose-built barn throughout the winter.

The cows are milked twice daily and the milk for the machine comes straight from the morning milking every day, and so is always less than 24 hours old.

Graham said: “When you buy our raw milk, you’re also supporting us as dairy farmers.

“Sales from the raw milk go straight back to the farm, allowing us to invest more in your dairy. There’s no doubt the industry is struggling at the moment, and this has been a huge help to us.

“When you buy pasteurised milk from a shop, there’s no telling where it will have come from., bt people who buy raw milk from us have the assurance that the product has come from a farm in the area and from pedigree cows.”


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