VIDEO: Watch incredible moment 18-year-old student walks for first time in two years

An 18-year-old from Forest Town has learnt how to walk unaided again after becoming unable to walk two years ago.

Conor Lewis, aged 18, a student at Mansfield’s Portland College, lost his ability to walk in 2015, because of a neurological condition.

While at college, he started visiting its physiotherapy department.

He started small by tensing his leg muscles before moving onto a walker and then finally walking unaided.

Conor has described the experience as “life-changing.”

He said: “It felt weird, but in a good way.

“I’ve not done this in two years and it’s like seeing the world in a different way.”

While the exertion from walking made Conor dizzy and nauseous, he was determined to keep going, surprising staff and students by walking into a lesson.

Conor’s legs started to deteriorate after he had a seizure in September 2015, while training for his judo black belt.

By late October, he was using a wheelchair, because of the functional neurological disorder he had been diagnosed with.

On Conor’s 17th birthday he was awarded his black belt in judo, which he had been working toward for two years.

He said: “I love judo and it has been difficult just having to watch, so I am looking forward to getting to training.”

Conor is also no stranger to sports at the college, taking a sports course and taking part in boccia, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby.

Alistair Beverley, the college’s physiotherapy manager, said: “Conor has worked incredibly hard for more than a year with our team.

“He has always demonstrated a positive attitude toward his therapy sessions which have included gym sessions, work in lessons, home programmes and hydrotherapy.”

Conor will continue physio’, increasing his confidence with walking and practising walking while at home.

Rachel Lewis, 46, Conor’s mum said: “Seeing him walk was very emotional.

“It was the first standing hug I have had in a while and I had forgotten just how tall he is.”