VIDEO: Traffic wardens caught on CCTV helping illegally-parked Mansfield motorist escape fine

A shop manager says he has been left stunned after CCTV showed traffic wardens helping an illegally-parked motorist off his land.

The two wardens can be seen lifting up a chain barrier on a private car park in Mansfield town centre to release the driver who was not permitted to park there.

The car park, to the rear of Market Street and under the viaduct, is shared among a number of shops who pay thousands of pounds each year for the right to park.

Leon Smith, manager at Xibit Jewellery, spotted the incident on the live CCTV camera in his shop, was left seething by what he saw on screen.

He went out to confront the traffic wardens, which can be seen towards the end of the video, but he says they simply walked away without an apology or explanation.

He said: “I’m angry, shocked and disgusted.

“These traffic wardens are supposed to be doing this for a living, ticketing illegally-parked cars.

“You can see them go on to private land and release an illegally parked car. It’s double standards.”

Despite several signs warning motorists that the car park is private, and they could be fined, the cheeky motorist left his blue Ford Focus and the chain was put across when a shop worker spotted the vehicle.

But Mr Smith says that despite the threat of a fine, they usually speak with the drivers when they return to the car and let them out with a warning.

In response, Gareth Johnson, the Nottinghamshire Parking Partnership’s CPU and enforcement manager, said; “Having viewed the available video footage I have concluded that the officers acted upon a genuine request for help.

“The impounding and restraining of vehicles against the owner’s will is illegal and has been since the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. The officers are aware of this and this may help explain their actions.

“The video shows them lifting the chain to allow the vehicle to pass underneath.

“There is no evidence that they trespassed in order to do so and despite being approached by members of the public afterwards they acted appropriately and in a non-inflammatory manner.

“Their manager has discussed with them their actions and they have been briefed that if they are ever placed in a similar situation they should advise the motorist to call the police.”