VIDEO: Tattoo shop owner explains his ‘easy on the eye’ job advert

Paul Green, from The Monster Shop in Mansfield
Paul Green, from The Monster Shop in Mansfield

A tattoo artist who made headlines when he put out a job advert insisting applicants be ‘easy on the eye’ has gone in front of the camera to explain his wording.

Paul Green, who runs The Monster Shop on Mansfield’s Leeming Street, also stipulated “no slackers”, “no weirdos or goths” and that the job was cash in hand, adding “if you want to declare this and pay your taxes it is up to you”.

The advert appeared on the shop’s Facebook page at the weekend and attracted huge interest.

A small few took offence to the posting, but the majority saw the funny side.

When contacted by the Chad, Mr Green initially said it was simply a joke to attract attention, but has since taken part in a video to explain.

The 50-year-old said: “You have got to understand that this is a tattoo shop, we get all shapes forms and sizes, goths, skinheads, punks, mods and rockers.

“I have got three goths working for me so it wasn’t meant to offend them. I’m the kind of bloke who says what he thinks.

“We get a lot of families and young children, we pierce lots of young children, and what I didn’t want was somebody like me, with an extrovert appearance.

“What I advertised was for somebody easy on the eye - to me that’s someone who is not frightening and someone who is hard working, not on their mobile phone all the time.

“I didn’t want goths because a lot of people come in and they have a face full of piercings and tattoos all over their face, and that, to young children is scary.”

There have been no shortage of people inquiring about the job and Mr Green took to Facebook again to ask for patience while they sift through the messages received.