VIDEO: Stunning start to Warsop pond dredging work

Work to finally de-silt Warsop’s Mill Pool got off to a ‘stunning’ start when experts were brought in to safely relocate the resident fish.

Crowds gathered at the pond on The Carrs on Wednesday morning to watch as a specialist contractor was brought in to clear the wildlife using humane electrofishing.

Dropping an electrode into the water, it sends out a mild electric current to temporarily stun the fish, bringing them to the surface.

They can then be easily removed using landing nets.

The day-long operation resulted in 250lb of perch, tench, bream and chub being netted, before being quickly moved to the flowing River Meden next to the pond where they could recover.

Some larger fish caught, not indigenous to the pond or river, were taken away to be relocated.

The water is set to be drained from the pond so work can start in removing the excess silt and litter.

Warsop and district councillor, Phil Shields said: “This is a very important stage in the de-silting of the Mill Pool.

“We have been working closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that this project has a minimal impact on the wildlife here and their natural habitat.

“The contractors really knew what they were 
doing and I thought it was brilliant.

“They were really professional and literally catching them by the bucket load.”

The fish stocks are to be replenished once the work is complete.

Funded by Mansfield District Council, the full cost of the operation is not yet known, although work is still set to be in mid to late August.

The path around the pond has been fenced off and a large industrial pump will be used to remove the water prior to dredging.

The aim is to let the reed bed area dry out as much a possible before the dredging work begins.

The silt removed will be stored on site and once dry, will be re-used for landscaping.