Video: Staffy Tia ‘thanked’ firefighters after they rescued her from a freezing 10ft deep drain

A lucky pooch got five star rescue treatment after she was trapped in a freezing drain.

Tia a two and a half-year old Staffy is recovering after a specialist firefighter team hauled her free from a ten foot deep manhole.

Her owner Jean Rack thanked the crew for ending the dog’s hour long ordeal on Wednesday.

Jean, 51 of Recreation Street, Mansfield told how a snowy walk in the park ended in a nightmare.

She said: “I normally go up Berry Hill but as it had been snowing I thought I would go up the street on our field instead.

“She just went down the hill and disappeared.

“I heard her crying and I could see a manhole cover with a gap in it.

“On the double grate at the top there was a slab of concrete and a gap just big enough for her to get down.

“I thought - no she can’t be down there, but when I looked down I could see her eyes.

“It was such a long way down - thought what do I do now?”

Jean called 999 and said the firefighters arrived in about five minutes. “The speed was amazing,” she said.

Firefighters from Edwinstowe and the Specialist Rescue Team from Highfields and Tuxford fire stations rushed to the scene and used special ropes and a sling to pull Tia to safety.

Jean added: “They were great - as soon as they arrived they just said: “We’ll get her out”

“Every time I spoke to Tia she was crying and wanting me - I just couldn’t get to her.

“They helped me to keep calm.

“One of the men got into a harness, he went down and put a tarpaulin underneath Tia and they hoisted her up.

“When they had got her out she looked at the firemen and wagged her tail as if to say thank you.

“I can’t thank them enough.

“I am just glad she was walking and hadn’t broken any bones.”

She then had to pick up her sons George 13 and Harry, 8 from school.

“They absolutely adore Tia and they just sat and cuddled her,” said Jean.

“She stank horribly and needed a bath, but they didn’t care.

“I took her to the vet - she’s got a few grazes and bruises and she’s on antibiotics, but she’s OK.”

“I go sledging down there with the boys. If it had been a child who had fallen down there it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Station Manager Stuart Ruckledge, who attended the incident, said the top of the manhole cover had been twisted due to the concrete being damaged, leaving the hole exposed.

The cover was partially covered by snow.

He said: “Tia has been very lucky and despite falling approximately ten feet has escaped with just a small cut to her leg. Had the drain been a main sewer, the rescue could have been more complicated to carry out and, of course, if it had been Mrs Rack or another person who had become trapped, the consequences could have been much more serious.

“I would urge everyone to take extra care when out and about at this time of year, particularly if there is snow on the ground or if the light is failing, as you can’t always tell what the snow is concealing or what hazards lie ahead.

“I would also advise people that if a pet does get into difficulty they should call 999 and ask for the fire service.

“Our crews have specialist equipment and have been trained in animal rescue, and we would rather put those skills to use than see pet owners putting themselves at risk by attempting to carry out a rescue themselves.”