Video shows motorbike theft in Sutton

A gang of thieves who stole a motorbike from a garden in Sutton have been captured on video.

The team of thieves are seen scoping the area before returning to the house on Collins Avenue and making off with the motorbike on October.

Have you seen this moped?

Have you seen this moped?

The owner of the Yamaha Virago bike James Wilkinson said: "I was absolutely gutted when the bike was stolen.

"I had been putting some new parts on it and my back garden is tiny so I put it in the front to work on it and forgot to move it back."

The bike is a special edition Virago in black and white with gold mag alloy wheels.

James, 42 added: "I have had the bike for 10 years - I reckon teenagers may have stolen it for joy riding."

The video shows a rider on a white moped ride down the street on October 4 at 11.48am.

Later two people on what appears to be the same moped are seen riding past 12.50am on October 5.

The riders then walk past the house .

Two more people wearing hoods then walk past the house . One returns to open the gate and walks off .

Three men the walk past and one is seen tampering with the bike.

Two men then return and steal the machine, wheeling it down the street, around 20 minutes later.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 quoting incident 737 of the fifth of October.