Video: Shirebrook snake is christened Mike

A grass snake last spotted heading towards a Sports Direct warehouse has been christened ‘Mike’.

Workers at a Shirebrook warehouse nearly had an hissy fit when the snake slithered in front of them this week.

Jon Allen owner of Easy Dream Beds on Vernon Street said: “The guys were stood in one of the shipping containers in the car park when they saw a snake.

“It had come through the fence from the railway line from Shirebrook Station.

“It slithered down the side of the warehouse outside and into one of the rodent boxes.

“It waited a couple of minutes and then headed into the warehouse through the shutter.

We were a bit concerned in case it was a venomous variety - you do get adders in this country.

“I told them to go out and leave it to its own devices .

After 40 minutes CCTV showed the snake making a dash across the car park and under ashiping container.

The snake was last seen heading in the direction of the huge sports Direct warehouses owned by billionaire Mike Ashley.

Jon 41 said he had showed the cctv video to a local wildlife expert Trevor Kinch.

Jo added: “Trevor has spent several years studying grass snakes, which are quite common in the regenerated sites around the Shirebrook area.

“He said the snake was a grass snake which are harmless It quite slender, unlike adders which have a thicker body.”