VIDEO:Police and Crime Commissioner tours Hucknall

Nottinghamshire Police Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping met with Hucknall’s beat bobbies and county councillors to see the crime-cracking work being carried out in the town.

The crime rate in Hucknall has dropped by 20 per cent last year thanks to a number of police operations.

These have included a poster campaign to stop theft and community speed watches.

Mr Tipping, who used to be the former MP for Sherwood, said: “I am very keen in my new role not to be office based and to make sure I get out and about with officers, especially since I was MP for Hucknall I am very fond of the area.”

Police Inspector, Nick Butler, who accompanied Mr Tipping on the beat, said: “With crime going down, people are more focused on tackling speeding.

“We have a lot of operations running but we work closely with the council to tackle all sorts of community issues.

“We have our Fatal Four campaign at the minute where we survey roads with speed guns to try and cut speeding and prevent bad driving.”

Mr Tipping was also joined by John Wilmott, deputy leader of Ashfield District Council, and Alice Grice, county councillor for Hucknall.

The walk around went from Hucknall Police Station, down Chatsworth Drive, Croft Avenue and Duke Street, along the High Street and back to the station on Watnall Road.