VIDEO: Notts teenager set on fire after lighting deodorant can

Kyle Round. Photo - SWNS.
Kyle Round. Photo - SWNS.

A Nottinghamshire teenager suffered 12 per cent burns after messing around with a deodorant can and a lighter, which then exploded.

Kyle Round and his friend had been messing around spraying the aerosol and lighting the canister with a cigarette lighter last week.

When it became too hot to hold, the 14-year-old dropped the canister on the floor and it exploded upon impact.

The deodorant caught fire, engulfing Kyle in flames before he was able to find a nearby brook and put out the flames.

He was then taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham where he was treated for 12 per cent burns to his body.

He’s now not allowed in direct sunlight for up to two years and it may take four years for his skin to return to its normal colour.