VIDEO: Niamh wows her family with perfect pictures

A talented teenager who has been visually impaired since she was born, has been impressing her friends and family with the pictures she creates.

Niamh Lamin has always loved to draw but she began to do it more seriously around two years ago and even though her sight is limited, she has developed her own technique for creating vibrant pictures of animals and natural landscapes.

15 year old partially sighted Niamh Lamin shows off her artistic skills.

15 year old partially sighted Niamh Lamin shows off her artistic skills.

The 15-year-old, who lives in Mansfield, learns how to draw an outline of the picture and then she builds up the image using different colours by getting very close to the paper.

She said: “I generally draw animals - it’s the only thing I can draw. I like animals so I thought I would try to draw them.

“Different people look out for different things that I can copy. I’ve got a few dog books and animal books and I imagine would the background would look like.

“The horses were quite difficult to do. I copied them and as I got used to doing it, I looked less and less. Then eventually I did not have to look at all.”

Niamh uses pencils and paints to create her pictures.

Describing her method, she says: “Sometimes I don’t use brushes - I use my fingers because it’s easier to control where it goes.”

Meanwhile, proud mum Sue says that Niamh is very dedicated to drawing and that she is never happy until the picture is just right.

“She is very determined,” says Sue. “She practices until she gets better with the shapes and colours. It’s hard to appreciate it until you see her - she has to get so close to the paper and has to spend extra time on it.