VIDEO: Mum who gave birth in car park outside Notts Co-op store thanks paramedics

Ambulance chiefs have released a dramatic 999 call which captured the moment a woman gave birth to her baby in a car park outside a Notts Co-Op store.

Sam Clarke, 33, became stuck in traffic on her way to hospital was forced to pull into the supermarket where she gave birth with "one push."

She had been shopping before going to visit a friend and started to notice her contractions were three minutes apart.

After her waters broke at home, sister-in-law and birthing partner, Charlotte Donaghy, 49, started rushing her to Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre in her car.

But the baby couldn't wait to make an entrance into the world and Charlotte was forced to pull over near the entrance of the shop and call 999.

In an audio clip released by East Midlands Ambulance Service, call-handler Penny Parkinson can be heard keeping Charlotte calm and talking her through the delivery.

Mum-of-two Sam gave birth to baby Jack on the front seat of the Peugeot 207 just as medics arrived at the Co-Op in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, on September 23.

Sam, of Sawley, said: "When Charlotte came to get me I was on all fours panting.

"She put me in the car and we drove to hospital but my waters broke and then we got stuck in traffic in Beeston and I just knew he was coming.

"We pulled into the Co-op car park in Queen's Drive and we called 999 but I knew the baby was coming and there was no way we would have made it in time.

"We pulled into the car park and the baby was out. With one push it was out. From start to finish it took 20 minutes."

Now, Sam and her husband Dan, 45, have met with and thanked the ambulance crew who played a vital role in the dramatic birth.

She added: "I was so relieved to see the ambulance crew arrive, and it's been lovely to meet the team again.

"They were absolutely amazing."

Charlotte said: "We pulled into the car park and I just called 999 and the operator told me exactly what to do.

"I was stressed and panicking and it is all a bit of a blur now but at the time I don't know what I would have done without them telling me what to do."

Ambulance Technician Russ Perkins and Emergency Care Assistant Karen James arrived just in time to take over the delivery at 11.20am.

Karen said: "It is so rewarding to help deliver a baby, although it was a bit scary as Jack was in the breach position.

"When he took that first cry I was so relieved. It leaves you feeling so happy, and it's great to meet him again and have a cuddle. I'm in love with him."