VIDEO: Mansfield cats home overrun by mice...

Just purrfect....

A cats home has had to call in a firm of experts...after uncovering a mouse infestation.

Startled staff at Mansfield Cats Protection uncovered the pesky problem in the roofspace of their building on the A60 near Warsop, despite having more than 50 moggies on site.

The brazen rodents had chewed through cables, prompting the staff to call in pest controllers.

Deputy manager Jordan Lee explained: “We went in to the loft and it was just chock-a-block of mouse droppings. We couldn’t believe it.

“We’ve caught five so far, but there are a lot more we think. We’re trying to get rid of them humanely in traps and releasing them into the fields.

“We’re surrounded by fields so it’s the perfect location for mice. We’ve had the odd one, but nothing to this extent.

“We’ve even found some in the pens with the cats!”

Despite having so many moggies on site, all eager to catch their own lunch, staff are unable to release them around the building for various reasons.

They do have a resident feral cat, Dani, who is free to wander the premises, but at the age of 20 is not as light on her paws as she used to be.

“She is now retired, so perhaps we need another one,” added Jordan.

“Dani used to catch everything, there was something on the doorstep from her, but not now. It’s not just really possible to let the others out, they would fight and we’re too close to the road.”

They have 52 cats ready to be rehomed, but have had more than 100 on occasions.

But Jordan described it as a ‘revolving door’ as they take unwanted moggies from as far away as Newark.

“We’ve had a really good few months re-homing cats but there’s always another one to replace it.

“We clean the pen out and get another in straight away. We have a waiting list.

“Anyone who wants a cat now can have one with a free mouse!”

To give a cat a loving home, phone the centre on 01623 845846.