Video: Mansfield battered by weekend flash floods

It was a soggy Saturday for much of Mansfield as heavy rain battered the area.

Here is a video sent in by reader Rebecca Barker which shows the deluge on Debdale Lane at 5.30pm.

The Four Seasons Shopping Centre, Mansfield was evacuated after a flash flood lasting just 15 minutes.

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A spokesperson for the centre said: ”On Saturday evening a few minutes before we closed, like lots of other areas in town, we experienced some flash flooding through manhole covers on the malls.

“As a safety precaution the centre was evacuated.

“The Centre team and retailers continued to work through the night to ensure that the Centre was ready to open as normal on Sunday morning.”

On our Facebook page ( Chad reader Karl Wass posted a video of Oak Tree Lane (pictured) which turned into a mini river after the storm.

Karl, 36 of Forest town, was shopping in Tesco when the downpour started.

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He said: “I was shopping with my young lad Ashton, when its started chucking it down. We had to take our shoes off and paddle out because it was flooded.

“I was talking to a local man outside and he said he had only seen the road flooded like that three times - and two of them were this year.”

Peter Waby of Shirebrook took dramatic pictures of the course of the storm as it enveloped the village and posted them on the Chad Facebook page.

Did you capture any dramatic weather photos or video?

We’d love to see them...

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