VIDEO: Mansfield artist’s work goes on display in London

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Paintings from a Mansfield artist have been on display at a top London gallery.

Katie Rickersey (33) of Ryedale Avenue, had four pieces of her work chosen to be put on show at the Menier Gallery for a recent exhibition - The Reveal.

Artist, Katie Rickersey who is having her work exhibited in London.

Artist, Katie Rickersey who is having her work exhibited in London.

Last year Katie, who has Downs Syndrome, had two of her paintings chosen for the same exhibition organisers in Macclesfield.

But it was a double celebration this year after having twice the number of paintings chosen, and the fact it was on display in the nation’s capital.

Her father Stewart said: “Every parent wants their children to do well and we are no exception. Katie has met her challenges in life head on with good support from family and friends and those who provided extra support to her as she went through school and college. She has always responded well and we could not be more proud of her. She is a very special young woman.”

Her mother Valerie added: “There is no doubt that the skills she is learning have improved her work and the fact that the London gallery want to sell her work is testimony to that.

“Katie really enjoys her painting sessions in Epperstone on Monday afternoons and looks forward to going every week.”

The exhibition was organised by Heart & Sold, which was set up to give artists with Downs Syndrome an opportunity to have their work displayed and prove that the condition can offer ‘exciting new perspectives and often strikingly original insights’.

Last year Katie had her paintings, ‘A House’ and ‘Summertime’ at the exhibition, with a print of the latter actually selling.

This year both were used again, along with her latest additions ‘Reflections’ and ‘Blowing Bubbles’.

Although the exhibition ended this week, prints of Katie’s work can be bought from