Video: householders say no to new housing

Householders living next to a farmer’s field earmarked for development are determined to see off plans for 150 houses on the land.

They say the new homes will not only mean increased traffic but a loss of a privacy and a risk of flooding as the land overlooks and is uphill to their backyards.

Coun. Ron Jelley on land adjacent to Skegby Lane.

Coun. Ron Jelley on land adjacent to Skegby Lane.

Claire Ounsworth (40), of Andover Road, said she feared for her family’s privacy.

“The bottom floor of any new build is going to look directly into our bedrooms. My daughter sleeps at the back of the house.

“They do not seem to have taken flooding into account either - what about the run-off from these houses? We have flooding here every year.”

Mansfield District Councillor Ron Jelley, of Grange Farm ward, said he feared the development would mean increased traffic on Skegby Lane.

He added: “It is narrow and traffic backs up already towards the Sir John Cockle.

“I will be opposing the development on those grounds. If access is off Skegby Lane it will put too much pressure on a road where people speed already.

“This application has been rejected once already - I just cannot understand why has once again been submitted.

“I will be meeting with residents to find a way forward.”

Developers Jackson Design Associates, on behalf on the land’s owner, Robert Thomas, said the site did not fall within an area designated as being at risk from flooding but a report had been commissioned.

In its outline plan submitted to the council the firm states: “Careful orientation of proposed dwellings (will be made) to avoid direct overlooking and ensure adequate separation.”

Twenty per cent of the homes will be affordable housing while. This will be a mixture of rented landlord and social housing.

A consultation is ongoing until 20th September. You can leave your comments or view the plans by visiting