VIDEO: History comes to life in Sherwood Pines

History came to life at the weekend with a colourful historical re-enactment in Sherwood Pines.

But this step back in time even pre-dated the legend of Robin Hood, as Vikings battled on the land which historians have identified as a significant ancient area.

Avid historians used document research to identify Thynghowe, an area in the forest, which was a Danish site dating back to the ninth century, and is one of only a handful of sites of its kind identified in Britain.

And a celebration to mark the discovery was held at the weekend with visitors taken back to the time of the Vikings.

Named the Viking Spring Thing event, it welcomed enthusiasts from across the country to enjoy a battle re-enactment, plus a look at a Viking settlement from more than 1,200 years ago, with demonstrations of weaving and coin striking.