VIDEO: Have YOUR say on Warsop’s future

Warsop residents are being urged to have their say on what their village should look like in the future.

Councillors took to the streets on Thursday to begin gathering data for a survey which they hope will help provide a blueprint for transforming the area.

With the slogan ‘Warsop: Open for Business’, the neighbourhood plan is hoped will help eventually open the door for major investment.

And using the local youth bus as a base, the councillors were at Warsop’s weekly market talking to shoppers and helping them fill in questionnaires.

Warsop councillor, Derek Evans said: “It’s part of an ongoing survey to ask the people of Warsop what they want and how the area can be improved.

“We want to improve Warsop as a whole, attract new and different shops and get the people to feel proud of Warsop.

“So far it’s been very lively,there’s been a lot of interest.

“People have been asking a lot of questions.”

With a £30,000 investment of Government money, Warsop is the first area within the Mansfield District Council boundaries to launch a neighbourhood plan.

So far, a steering group has outlined ambitious plans in which they want to see a hotel opened in Warsop, and to re-connect the area’s old railway to the Robin Hood line.

But chairman of Warsop Parish Council, Coun John Kerr, said it is vital that residents have their say.

“Through the localism act we can now draw up a neighbourhood plan,” said Coun Kerr.

“It’s about what the people of Warsop want, not us.”

The 37-question survey quizzes people on what they like about Warsop, their concerns, what needs improving, the type of housing that is needed, if they use the bus services, and the type of shops they would like to see.

Once all of the data has been collected in, the council will set about outlining a vision for promoting sustainable development in housing, leisure, retail, transport and the preservation of Warsop’s heritage.

However, it could take another year before the plan is put into action.

Residents can have their say by logging on to