VIDEO: FA Cup game sold out as Stags fans brave the rain to queue all night for Liverpool tickets

STAGS fans braved the cold and rain last night to queue overnight in the hope of buying tickets for the big FA Cup tie with Liverpool this morning.

But, with the queue stretching right round the ground to Lord Street, many were destined to be disappointed when the tickets went on sale at 10am as less than 1,000 of the 7,888 capacity were left on general sale, and they were sold out within the first hour

First in the queue last night was Joe Byrne, who turned up at 8.45pm. And he didn’t even need a ticket for himself!

“I already have mine,” he said. “I was queuing for Herts Stag, who is a friend of mine who couldn’t get here. “I arrived about 8.45 and have been here all night.

“It’s been raining all night and cold, but we’ve had some good banter. I’ve been a Stags fan for 20-odd years now”

Behind him in the line were Simon Mather and Dave Wilkinson.

“We’ve taken it in turns to grab some sleep in the car,” said Dave. “It’s been raining but it’s not been too bad.”

Dave added: “Paul Nyland, from the club, came out last night to bring us some hot drinks and burgers which was a nice gesture. He didn’t have to do that.”

Youngest near the front of the queue was 12-year-old Archie Crew. “I have stayed up at night playing my X-Box but never outside like this, though I have had some sleep in the car,” he smiled.

For many further down the queue, the best view they will get of the action on 6th January will be the live TV coverage on the ESPN channel.