VIDEO: ‘Eyesore’ concerns over former Mansfield Shoe Co factory site

CONCERNS have been raised over the former Mansfield Shoe Co factory site which has been labelled an ‘eyesore’.

The factory, in Stockwell Gate, closed its doors in 2004 with the loss of about 50 jobs and the building was knocked down in 2006.

Developers Highgrange Homes Ltd began transforming the site in 2008, building nearly 100 apartments with 20,000 sq ft of office and retail space below.

However, work stopped on the development prior to completion and Highgrange Homes have now gone into liquidation.

All the apartments look nearly finished but nothing has been done to the ground level space.

Resident Andy Sissons is concerned at how long the site will remain an eyesore.

He said: “It really looks in a bad state.

“Everyone goes on about the old hospital site being an eyesore but that is hidden by other buildings.

“This is on a main gateway to Mansfield and is right opposite the bus station.

“Will this site remain an eyesore, like the hospital, for the next 19 years?”

Chad has contacted Mansfield District Council to find out what is being planned for the site but was unable to contact Highgrange Homes Ltd for comment.