VIDEO: End of an era as BHS in Mansfield closed its doors for the last time

It was the end of an era yesterday (Sunday, August 2) as BHS in Mansfield closed its doors for the last time.

People have been sharing their memories of the high street shop on the Chad’s Facebook page.

NMAC BHS Closing

NMAC BHS Closing

Linda Hensleigh said: “I worked at British Home Stores as it was then when I first left school back in 1965, it was a lot different back then.”

Tony Gelsthorpe said: “It is a very sad day, it has been there since I was a kid.”

Anna Marie Desforges said: “So many wonderful memories and friends made from our time here. I hope the lovely staff find something.”

Anita Crook said: “I used to love BHS. I’ll miss it.”

Stuart Marriott said: “It is a very sad day, I worked there for 13 years.”

Lisa Smith said: “Another empty store on our high street, I feel for the staff.”

Grant Scott Hill said: “The sign of changing times. Scary and unpredictable. Generations have changed the way we shop, it is a completely different animal now. More will go in the next few year’s. Even banks are closing up.”

Padmaja Paddy Sivan said: “So sad but I just hope it’s not going to be another £1 shop.”