VIDEO: Drivers trapped in Flash floods on Nottinghamshire road

Two men had to be rescued from their vehicles in Nottinghamshire after they became trapped in flash floods.

By Danielle Hayden
Wednesday, 7th October 2015, 1:02 pm
Flash flooding at Kilton Hill after a storm
Flash flooding at Kilton Hill after a storm

Four crews from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue were called to Kilton Hill in Worksop just before 6pm yesterday (October 7) after a heavy downpour marooned two cars in flood water.

Teams from Worksop and Tuxford attended the scene at first, but a specialist rescue team from the Newark station had to be called in to winch the cars from the water.

One of the men was taken straight to hospital by his family.

Flash flooding at Kilton Hill after a storm

Video footage, posted on the Kilton House Chinese Takeaway Facebook site, shows the flash floods pouring down the streets at Kilton Hill.

A nearby resident wrote on the Worksop Guardian’s website that he had seen the floods develop and described them as ‘horrendous’.

He added that the floods had caused chaos on the roads and that there was a nine-car pile-up this morning.

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The Met Office has also issued a weather warning for Nottinghamshire, as it is at risk of flooding.

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If you have any pictures or video footage of the floods, please send them to [email protected]