VIDEO: Crowds gather to remember the fallen

Mansfield Remembrance Service.
Mansfield Remembrance Service.

Crowds gathered in Mansfield to remember those who sacrificed their lives fighting for their country as part of the Remembrance Sunday commemorations.

Services will take place at churches and war memorials across the area to remember those who died in conflict.

The parade started at Mansfield Civic Centre onto St Peter’s Church where a service took place.

After the service the parade stopped at the Old Town Hall for veterans to perform a salute of honour at the poppy display before it lead back to the Civic Centre.

Handmade Poppies have been draped over the Old Town Hall alongside messages of condolence.

Diane Shooter, 38, from Mansfield, was pleased to attend this year’s service as she is normally in Birmingham at this time of year.

She said: “It’s been nice to be able to come here today. But we always come to the service. It’s nice to be able to show our support.”

Andy, 38, and Andrea Bingham, 49, from Mansfield, are teaching their son what the Remembrance service means.

Andy said: “We come here to remember those who have fought in the war. We have both got family members who fought in the wars. And our Grandfathers were in the Royal British Legion.

“We come here every year and follow the parade.”

Andrea said: “We also have a nine-year-old and we have been explaining to him what this all means so he can carry on the tradition and pass it on to the next generation.”

This year’s service is particularly poignant for Nigel, 51, and Caron Meek, 56, from Mansfield, who has a nephew serving in Iraq.

Nigel said: “We have got a nephew in the army and he is in Iraq at the moment so we are showing our support in the way we can.”

Caron said: “It means more to us this year as our nephew isn’t going to be here at Christmas. We had an early Christmas for him about three weeks ago at his mum’s with all the trimmings.”