Video: Concert for Nicola is hailed a success

Kirkby’s Festival Hall was filled with the sound of music on Friday night thanks to workers from Ashfield District Council.

The concert was organised by council staff to support their colleague Nicola Daniels who had to have her lower legs, left arm and fingers amputated after contracting septicaemia (blood poisoning).

ADC Workplace Choir

ADC Workplace Choir

Last week, Chad reported that a massive fundraising drive was underway to help buy a bionic hand for Nicola.

The hand will cost as much as £50,000 but it will help her do everyday tasks once again.

One of the highlights in the appeal was a Concert for Nicola which took place on Friday and featured entertainment from the council’s workplace choir along with the Hucknall-based Torkard ensemble, who performed a classical repertoire.

Nicola, who attended the concert, said: “I cannot thank my work colleagues enough for the support they have given me and for their fundraising efforts. The choir were absolutely amazing.”

Meanwhile, Coun Cheryl Butler, who is a member of the choir, said: “It was absolutely brilliant. We have had so many positive comments.

“The Festival Hall was full and we had a really good laugh.”

The choir have so far raised £1,550 towards the Nicola Fund and all involved have said that they are enjoying it.

The choir’s next performance will be part of the Summer Solstice event in Sutton town centre on Saturday 22nd June when they will hold a bucket collection for donations.