Video: Bolsover residents divided over wind farm plans

RESIDENTS living in Palterton and Scarcliffe remain divided over potential plans to build two new wind farms in fields near their homes.

An application to build the turbines, which was submitted by Barlborough-based Banks Renewables, is currently being reviewed by Bolsover District Council’s planning officers after a ‘procedural issue’.

NAPB 130102AM4 Wind Turbines. (130102AM4)

NAPB 130102AM4 Wind Turbines. (130102AM4)

Many folk living in villages around the potential development believe the turbines will create noise pollution, health problems and bring down the value of their properties.

Palterton resident Jane Tropman is against the plan and feels it could have a damaging impact on villagers.

“Will it actually work? That’s what I’d like to know or are they selling us a white elephant,” she said.

“I think they can look quite majestic if they are in the right place but not here. I think it is really all about money and the company making profit.”

Palterton mum Joanne Taylor, of Main Street, said she is also worried about the plan.

“Flickers from turbines can trigger epileptic fits,” she said.

But Scarcliffe resident Christine Layzell said: “It is good clean energy, we know other resources of gas and oil are running out so we have to look at alternatives. People say it should not be built here but it as a windy area and has to be built somewhere.”

Phil Dyke, of Banks Renewables, said the plan will bring more jobs and business opportunities to communities.

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