Vicious dog attack leaves man wounded and greyhound dead

.Donald Lockett with his dog Daisy pictured with his blood stained jeans after he  was attacked by a dog resulting in the loss of his greyhound Morag
.Donald Lockett with his dog Daisy pictured with his blood stained jeans after he was attacked by a dog resulting in the loss of his greyhound Morag

A MAN suffered serious hand injuries and his greyhound was savaged to death after they were horrifically attacked by two vicious dogs while out walking in New Houghton.

Donald Lockett was walking greyhound Morag and whippet Daisy at Millennium Green, off Rotherham Road, when two Staffordshire bull terriers not on leads launched into the attack at around 8pm on 6th March.

The 61-year-old’s right hand was badly bitten as he tried to fight off the dogs and nine-year-old Morag was found dead the next day after escaping, scared and badly injured.

Said Donald: “I saw a dog lying on the grass and another dog not far from it but I couldn’t see the owner.

“The dog that was lying on the grass just pounced on Morag – it happened so quickly.

“It got her on the floor and then dragged me on the floor and just started attacking her.”

It was dark at the time of the attack but Donald believes the two dogs were both black Staffies and although just one started the attack, the other joined in.

Morag somehow managed to slip off her lead and escape with horrific injuries.Added Donald: “I saw her going but she was not running, she was more or less limping and that’s the last we saw of her. I had to come straight home.”

When Donald arrived home, both he and uninjured whippet Daisy were covered in blood.

The dogs had bitten nearly all the way through Donald’s hand, damaging his ligaments and breaking the bone.

He said: “I saw its teeth going in my hand but didn’t feel the pain until I got home. It was agony then and we called an ambulance.”

Donald, of Verney Street, was taken to King’s Mill Hospital and was kept in for six days, being sent to theatre twice – once to explore the extent of the injuries and again four days later to stitch them up.

He now has the hand in a plaster cast and hopes that as it heals he will recover all of the movement in it.

Morag, who was a retired greyhound and in good health before the attack, was found dead the day after the attack.

She was found in Pleasley Pit Country Park by a passer-by who called the Bolsover District Council dog warden, who then identified her from her microchip.

It is thought she died due to the serious injuries sustained in the attack.

Donald said he had seen the Staffies before and thinks that a man who was on Millennium Green at the same time must be their owner – although he did nothing to call off the dogs or to stop them biting him or Morag.

He is now urging anybody who knows anything that could help Derbyshire police’s investigation into the incident to get in touch.

“Someone must know something,” he said. “It’s a small village. People often don’t come forward because of repercussions but I urge them to if they know or saw anything.”

Until the culprits are caught, Donald wants dog walkers and parents to be aware of the potential danger posed by the dogs.

“Next time it could be a human fatality,” he said,

“A child would stand no chance – I didn’t stand a chance – and it’s no good waiting until something like that happens.”

The frightening attack has left Donald very shaken.

He said: “It’s very upsetting. I feel heartbroken – Morag was such a nice dog and everyone in the village would tell you what a lovely dog she was.”

• Anybody with any information should call Derbyshire police on 0345 123 3333.