Vibrators, pork chops, noisy sex '“ the most astonishing blunders when it comes to buying and selling houses

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Creating a good impression vital when it comes to buying or selling a house '“ yet some people still make some truly eye-popping errors.

One estate agent recalled members recall buyers lighting up cigarettes, refusing to take their shoes off and bringing along their pets.

A Yorkshire agent recalled a time when he was showing someone a house when they became aware that there was a couple in a bedroom upstairs having sex.

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Another agent recalled a seller who was cooking pork chops when he arrived to carry out a viewing.

Don't ruin your property hopes with buying and seller blunders. Picture: Andrew RoeDon't ruin your property hopes with buying and seller blunders. Picture: Andrew Roe
Don't ruin your property hopes with buying and seller blunders. Picture: Andrew Roe

And the same agent was conducting another at a different address viewing when he noticed the seller had left a vibrator on display on a bedside table.

Mark Hayward, chief executive of property advice gurus Propertymark, said: “First impressions are a crucial part of the house buying and selling process, but it’s no surprise buyers and sellers are making silly mistakes which could damage the interest from the buyer, or have an impact on whether the seller accepts an offer.

“However, on the flipside, you could visit a property and be so overcome by great first impressions you forget to ask the right questions which will help you establish whether it really is the right property for you and any potential problems.”

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Propertymark has some tips for buyers and sellers when it comes to property.

If you are a buyer, don’t negotiate during the viewing, a house viewing is not the place to trying to haggle on price.

It’s also not suitable to criticise the asking price to the agent while you’re being shown around the property, especially if the seller is at home.

If you’ve got an opinion, keep it to yourself while you’re in the property.

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One of the worst things a buyer can do is criticise the property while they’re viewing it.

If you’re a seller then try and be out for viewings, even if you think you’ll be being helpful by being there to answer questions.

Many agents say it puts buyers off when the seller is hanging around as they don’t feel like they can relax and imagine themselves in the property as they feel they’re being watched.

They may also want to try out the taps and shower, which they won’t do if you’re around and that could cost you a sale.

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You would think that ensuring your property is looking its best for a viewing is a no-brainer but plenty of people don’t seem to realise this.

Propertymark recalls times sellers have still been in bed asleep when the agents and viewers have arrived.

Make sure you’re upfront with the agent about the type of buyer you’re looking for – if you need to move quickly and are looking for a buyer with no chain, or looking for a cash buyer, make sure all parties are aware in advance.

One agent recalled a seller who was looking for a cash buyer, and kept turning away prospective buyers.

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It turned out he thought cash buyer meant punters would turn up with a suitcase full of cash to complete the sale there and then.

Ultimately, be guided by the agents as they are the experts in the field.

Mark Hayward said: “Experienced agents will help guide both the seller and buyer through the house viewing process to ensure it goes as smoothly as it can and no faux pas are made.”

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