Vandals ruin Stanton Hill Christmas Tree lights


A councillor has condemned vandals who ripped the lights from a Christmas tree in the centre of an Ashfield village.

Children will no longer be able to enjoy the council funded Christmas tree lights in Stanton Hill after today’s attack left it in a dangerous condition.

The vandals left half of the lights on on the tree near the Co-op hanging on the floor.

Councillor Helen Hollis, Ashfield District Councillor for the Dales ward found the tree damaged this afternoon.

She said: “Someone has damaged the lights and snapped the cable leaving live wires exposed.

“This would be very dangerous if children were to touch them.

“I can’t understand people who do things like this and spoil things for the kids.

“The council has put the tree up during a time of austerity when we have very little money to do such things- but we wanted the High Street to look Christmassy.

“It is a great shame.”

Coun Hollis has reported the lights and said they will be made safe today.