Valentine’s Day - true love or the commercialisation of relationships?

True love on Valentine's Day - or is it?
True love on Valentine's Day - or is it?

Today is the day when we are all supposed to shower the love of our lives with gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Or is it?

A survey by specialist consumer research company Allegra Insights has revealed that an estimated 88,564 men are planning to pop the question today.

However, it isn’t all roses and champagne this year.

Of the 1,751 people surveyed, just 38 per cent plan to do anything at all to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one.

And it would seem some of you feel today is nothing more than a money-making exercise - or ‘a pile of commercial tripe like Christmas’ as one of our Facebook commentators posted.

We asked the question ‘Are you a true romantic? Or do you dislike Valentine’s Day because it represents the commercialisation of relationships?’

And here are some of your responses.

Phil Mitchell wrote: “Everything is commercialised these days. Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day; need I go on?’, while Liam Wood posted ‘hate Valentine’s Day for two reasons - one I’m single and two it gives people the chance to show off’.

Kimberley Jest said: “Everyone can show they love someone without spending money. I agree love should be shown every day not just one day but people should make it special, do something different you wouldn’t normally do without spending the money if it bothers people that much.”

And Joanne Beastall wrote: “Hate Valentine’s Day. I find it so sad that some people can only be romantic on one day. We have been happilly married for 14 years, we don’t need Valentine’s Day to show we love each other.”

But others disagreed.

Alice Margaret Green posted: “Love it. Got married 39 years ago on Valentine’s Day - always get two cards, Valentine’s and anniversary and we still love each other like on the day we got married.It’s great.xx.”

And Glyn Pickering said: “We should take every opportunity to show how much we love our partners.”

But perhaps the final word should go to Adamski Freddie Jefferies, who simply asked: “How about a stop bloody moaning day?”