Unusual meeting for diamond duo

WHILE most couples of their generation met while promenading in the town or at a dance the Houchings’ first encounter was less conventional.

Wife Marjerie met husband Geoff (85) when she walked in on him while in the bath ‘contemplating life’

Ninety-year-old Marjerie was visiting her old landlady at a Birmingham hostel when she walked in on boarder Geoff who was working as a typewriter salesman at the time.

The pair, who were inseperable from that day forward and married three years later, celebrated 60 years of marriage on 28th March.

Said Marjerie: “On the day it was lovely because we had a visit from our son and he had arranged for Reverend David Fudger from St Peter’s Church to come and give us a blessing.”

The Houchings married in Chesterfield, experiencing sunshine, rain and snow on the day with a three-tier cake made by Marjarie’s aunt - which was no mean feat during post-war rationing.

They then went on a two-week tour of Scotland for their honeymoon.

Londoner Geoff and Chesterfield girl Marjerie lived in the capital for a few years after their wedding then in Norfolk for a spell before settling in their Berry Hill home 28 years ago.

The pair both struggle with ill health now but are determined not to move into care.

Geoff spends most of his time researching and writing books while Marjerie likes a read of the paper and a snooze.

They agree the secret to a successful marriage is a good row.